Change a color across entire image

Ever had an image where you want to change all of the pixels of one color to another color? At first glance, this task may seem a bit overwhelming, but with the Gimpshop software, this is really quite simple. Read on to see how to change pixel colors within an image…

  1. Open the gif, bmp or png file in Gimpshop
  2. Select the Color tool
    1. It is located in the main Gimpshop window on the top row of the tools buttons.  It has 3 color boxes (YBR) and a finger pointing to blue.
  3. In the image, select the color which you would like to change
    1. This will draw flashing lines around that color throughout the entire image.  Note that very small areas of the color may not be recognized.  This is due to the Gimps color detection algorithm which is likely not be triggered on pixels whose color  is slightly different than the target color.
  4. Open the Edit menu and click the Clear menu selection.  This will remove the color from the image, in most cases leaving it as white.
  5. Select a foreground or background color with the color chooser tool.
  6. open the Edit menu and click either the Fil with Foreground or Fill with Background menu selection.
  7. It’s that simple!


While the web is a great resource for quick information, there are also a number of excellent references which go into much greater detail on how to work with the GIMP based software. Here are a number of references that I have rounded up which will help you become more efficient in your graphical design with the GIMP:

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