Capturing a thread dump in Java

Ever wondered how to programmatically capture a java thread dump of your java application? with Java 1.5 it is not that difficult. This article provides a simple function to get the dump.

Open Source Development Tools

After re-installing Windows XP this last Spring, I decided that it was time to list out the development tools that I use, so that next time I have to re-install Windows, I can at least save myself the time required to locate all of my favorite tools. This article discusses my favorite tools, and provides direct links to them.

Sqlite for beginners

Sqlite is a great in process database technology. In addition to providing embedded database functionality for applications, did you know that you can use Sqlite on your web server via PHP? This article provides a simple introduction to using Sqlite with PHP on your web server.

Pure Java DTMF Detector

Do you need to be able to detect and extract DTMF tones from an audio stream in real-time?  This article describes the basics of the DTMF standard, how DTMF tones work and provides for an example application.  For those of you interested in using the pure java DTMF library in a commercial product, please contact us.

Open Flash Chart 2 tutorial and helper library

If you haven’t tried Open Flash Chart 2 yet, and you need to display charts to your users, then take a look at this article and the OFC2 helper library.  The helper library greatly simplifies the generation of charts using OFC2, including the display of multiple charts on the same page.

Using XML Strings with the Java Properties class

Did you know that the java.utils.Properties class can be made to work with Strings for input and output?  This brief article shows you how…

A simple PHP file upload manager

While FTP is easy for those of us who are software engineers or otherwise computer literate, it can be more work than a novice is willing to invest. This simple web service provides an easy to use, browser based interface that does not require any database connectivity. All it needs is PHP and proper permissions on your web server.

PHP HTTP Socket Client

PHP is a rich language with a lot of great functions, including file_get_contents(). Unfortunately, file_get_contents() has some security issues when using it to get the contents of a URL. This article describes the file_get_contents() function and provides a tutorial on how to download remote URL content when you web host has disabled file_get_contents() URL support. In addition to providing a cURL based remote file download implementation, this article also presents the TinyHTTPClient class which is a flexible and portable HTTP client implementation which supports GET, POST and Basic Authentication.

jWMI – access Windows WMI from Java

If you have been working in windows system administration or application programming for a while, it is likely that you have heard of WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).  Unfortunately, the API’s for WMI have been implemented in Microsoft languages only.  The jWMI library allows your java applications to access WMI data and execute arbitrary WMI queries.  Take a look at the article for more details.