Ovente Electric Kettle Review


I recently purchased the red Ovente Cordless Electric Kettle to replace my old stove-top kettle.  The new electric kettle heats water so much faster than the gas stove.  For example, heating 1 liter of water on the stove to coffee temperature requires about 3 minutes.  With the Ovente, it takes about 1 minute.

Side view of my new Ovente Electric Kettle. The cord tucks into the base so that there is not too much hanging out. Note the cool ring of blue lights when it is on.

Lots of Colors

The Ovente Cordless Electric Kettle comes in a number of colors including black, yellow, red orange, pink and white.

Removable Base

The kettle has a base which plugs into the wall outlet and provides the power for the heating element which is safely mounted in the bottom of the removable kettle.  The base does not get hot, and is very stable.

The base has a very simple design, with the power connector safely in the middle. The kettle sets directly on the base and is quite sturdy.

The underside of the base has a cord wrap built in so that excess cord can be hidden away.

Lid with filter screen and open button

There is a button on the handle to pop the lid open for filling with water.  On the lid, there is a small filter screen.  While an interesting addition, I am not sure how effective the filter screen is, because it does not seal to the glass around the pour spout.  The design allows water to flow around the filter screen.

With the lid open, you can see the filter screen and the blue lights indicating that the water is being heated.

Blue light up heating indicator

While the unit is on, the bottom of the kettle lights up with blue LEDs which is a nice effect and makes it clear that the unit is heating.


Recommendation: Buy it!

This is one of the best small appliance purchases I have ever made.  It heats water so much faster than the stove.  I highly recommend this unit to anyone who makes Yerba Mate, tea or coffee in the morning.  I have also found that it is is great for preheating water for cooking, primarily because it is so much faster than the stove.