MURS Citizens Band Radio Service

Citizens Band Radio

If you have been around a while, you are probably familiar with the old Citizens Band or CB radios.  CB radio was extremely popular in the 1970’s, but has waned in usage over the years as more folks have moved to using the smaller FRS/GMRS walkie-talkie type radios.  These days, CB radio is primarily used by truckers and small businesses for local, license free communication.

Unknown to most people, there are actually 3 types of unlicensed “Citizens Bands” in the United States.

Band Number of Channels Frequency Range
CB 40 standard + 40 SSB 26.965 – 27.405 Mhz
FRS 14 462.5625 – 467.7125 Mhz
MURS 5 151.820 – 154.600 Mhz

What is the MURS band?

MURS is an acronym which stands for Multiple Use Radio Service.  Prior to 2002, the 5 MURS frequencies belonged to a license-only business band, known popularly as the business “color-dot” band.  In 2002, the FCC removed the license requirements from the 5 frequencies of the MURS band and made them available for use by ALL US citizens.  There are not many MURS capable radio’s available, which means that the MURS band should be fairly noise free and not have a lot of traffic on it.

In addition to transmitting voice communications, the FCC has also allowed for other communication modes on the 5 MURS frequencies including AM, FM-analog, FM-digital, RTTY, Data, Telemetry, etc…  Be sure to check out the FCC MURS web page and the very detailed Wikipedia MURS web-page for details prior to transmitting on the MURS channels.

What frequencies are in the MURS band?

Channel Frequency (Mhz) Max Bandwidth (Khz)
1 151.820 11.25
2 151.880 11.25
3 151.940 11.25
4 154.570 20
5 154.600 20

Where can I get a MURS Capable Radio?

Here are some links to very nice MURS radios:

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