New article about the MURS License Free Radio Band

The traditional CB (Citizens Band) channels have been clogged for many years.  The FRS (Family Radio Service) bands are becoming increasingly noisy and clogged as more people buy FRS radios.  The MURS (Multiple Use Radio Service) band is still relatively clear and can be used by any US Citizen without a license.  For more information on the MURS band and some great radio recommendations, see the new article:

Thank you Syndicate Press donors!

The Syndicate Press development team would like to extend a sincere thank you to our latest donors! One donor chose to remain anonymous.  The other donor hosts her website at  Please take a moment to visit her site.  If you are using syndicate Press and have not yet donated, please consider doing so.  Donations encourage ongoing development and help cover hosting costs.

Syndicate Press 1.0.2 bug-fix release

Syndicate Press 1.0.2 was released this evening with 1 bug-fix and 1 enhancement.  Join the more than 700 WordPress users who have installed Syndicate Press during the first week of publication!  See the Syndicate Press homepage here:

New Ballistic Pop Bottle Rocket Tutorial

If you have seen the wimpy pop bottle rocket videos on YouTube, you might want to take a look at this tutorial where we have ramped up the good ‘ol pop bottle rocket into a honcho pop bottle missile with ballistic flight characteristics.  It’s seriously awesome and perfect for airsoft games or some mad scientist experiments.  Check out the tutorial here: