Syndicate Press 1.0 released!

After nearly a year in release candidate status, Syndicate Press has been released into the WordPress Plugin repository.  Users may now download the latest Syndicate Press version directly through their WordPress admin page.  For details see:  The Syndicate Press homepage with documentation and FAQs can be found here:  If you are not already using Syndicate Press to add RSS feeds to your blog, you should!  Syndicate Press is already powering more than 600 feed aggregation sites across the world!

A new series exploring automated web testing with Selenium

Join us for a multi-part series in which we explore the powerful Selenium tool-chain.  If you have been looking for an alternative to the expensive automation tools from the big vendors or you are just starting to research automated web application testing, this serialized tutorial is for you!

Major RC Airplane sale going on

I recently bought my first RC airplane and I am learning how to fly it.  What an adventure! Back in the day, an RC airplane cost hundreds of dollars, but is changing all of that.  With an excellent mix of high-quality and low-prices, is making it very easy to get into RC flying. There is a major sale going on right now, so get your new plane or servos before the sale ends! Here is the link: HUGE SALE on R/C Planes! Electric and Gas! 50- 70% OFF!