Syndicate Press released

With a new season, comes new features in Syndicate Press.  This version allows the admin to preserve or remove the formatting in a feed article.  Additionally, a customized message can now be displayed when a feed is not available.  If you are looking for a great news aggregation plugin for WordPress, look no further than Syndicate Press:

WordPress requested URL ‘/$’ error

If you recently updated your WordPress installation, you may see the following error when trying to post a comment: “The requested URL ‘/$’ was not found on this server. “ If  you see this error, relax… it is likely just a plugin that is not compatible with your new version of WordPress.  To fix the problem, simply update all of your plugins to their latest versions, then try posting a comment again.  The problem should be resolved.

How to backup your website

Backing up your website does not have to be a difficult thing to do.  If you have a static website, the easiest way to make a backup is by using the open-source tool ‘wget’. To recursively back up your site, including all of the images, execute the following at a command line: wget -r -k -p yourWebsiteURL After the application completes, your website will be replicated locally on your system, with all relative links converted to work from your filesystem.