New tutorial on how to find out where a java class was loaded from

Have you ever been working on some java code, when all of the sudden it appears that the app is NOT doing what you expect and the code clearly does something different than the compiled app?  You probably have an old version of the compiled class lurking somewhere in your classpath!  Check out this new tutorial that puts the power back in your hands when it comes to sniffing out that sneaky class:

New review and repair article for the KIT150 PIC programmer

Looking for a great programmer for PIC Microcontrollers including the 16F and 18F series of chips?  The KIT150 is a versatile programmer that supports a wide variety of chips and can program standalone chips via a ZIF socket or in-circuit chips via the ICSP port.  While the programmer sports a compact and robust design, it can be damaged if you insert a chip backward!  Read the article for a general review of the programmer and how to fix the it if you blow out the TR2 or TR3 transistor.

Syndicate Press beta released

There is a new version of Syndicate Press available.  This release adds a Syndicate Press news feed to the Admin page so that the site admin can stay up to date on the latest Syndicate Press releases.  If you are looking for a very clean and easy to use RSS, Atom or RDF feed plugin, give Syndicate Press a try!