Syndicate Press WordPress plugin being prepped for release

The Syndicate Press RSS/Atom/RDF syndication plugin for WordPress got one step closer to it’s initial release today with the cleanup of code, testing of features and optimization of the formatted output cache.  See for more information. If you would like to be a beta tester, please request the beta release access information by leaving a comment on the Syndicate Press page.

Syndicate Press RSS/Atom feed WordPress plugin nears release

The Syndicate Press plugin for wordpress took a major step forward this week with the release of Version 0.6 for beta testers.  This release uses a completely redesigned feed parser implemented from the ground up. See for more information

Secure that coffee shop wi-fi!

We have all browsed the internet over an unsecured wi-fi network at some point in time. Obviously, this presents numerous security and privacy implications. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple solution that will allow you to securely “tunnel” back to your home broadband network and browse as though you were at your house. The key peice of equipment is the Lynksys NSLU2 device. Read on for more details…

The crippling of PHP’s file_get_contents()

If you have been around the PHP scene for a while now, you are probably aware of the file_get_contents() function. This function has been used in many web applications for years, but has been under increasing attack from nefarious evil doers. Due to the security issues when using this function to download URL content, many web hosts have disabled the URL functionality. Take a look at the PHP HTTP socket Client article for the TinyHttpClient, a simple yet very functional alternative which supports HTTP 1.0 GET, POST and Basic Authentication…