StarStrikers, Tyrmia and the Tales From Ocherva


If you are in the market for some fresh science fiction, you might want to take a look at a new author named Ken McConnell and his space series.

Ken McConnell has created a new universe, set far in the future when the human race has expanded beyond earth and colonized numerous planets. Humans and their technology have progressed to a point where war has not been seen for nearly a millennium and androids have become sentient. Galactic war, with another space faring race of humanoid aliens has encroached on the human inhabited worlds and the humans must fight back, or be enslaved.

The style of these books is very fast paced and enjoyable. I found all of McConnell’s science fiction to be enjoyable reads which are technologically believable and rich in both plot and character development. For a new author, McConnell has clearly got a winner of a universe with a growing fan-base.

In comparison to Asimov, who, by many accounts is the greatest science fiction writer ever, I have found McConnells stories to be much more enjoyable to read, more fast paced and significantly more believable with much richer character development. From a technical perspective, the ideas presented in McConnells work are more grounded in the real physics rather than make believe, which results in a much more believable world.

New science fiction deserves a new platform for enjoyment.  I have read all of McConnells work on my Android phone via the Kindle app.  These were the first books that I ever read in digital e-book format and I found that the stories were so engaging that the reading platform was not even noticed.


This book is set far in the future, when humans and an alien race of blue-skinned humanoid aliens are locked in an interstellar battle of galactic proportions.  McConnell brings battle after battle to life as the story follows an elite team of special forces known as the StarStrikers.  From inter-ship battle to planetary defense this book puts you right in the heat of galactic warfare.


This book is set in the same universe as StarStrikers, but long after the galactic war has ended.  It follows the story of a young woman who crash lands on a planet called Tyrmia and must integrate with the native population in order to survive.  When she learns that a more sophisticated race of humanoids lives on the planet and is trying to exterminate the natives, she uses her advanced fighting skills to help protect the native population.

This is a longer book than StarStrikers, and very worth the read.  While it is set in the future, it has some elements of the steam-punk genre, which makes for an extremely enjoyable read.

Tales From Ocherva

This series of short stories follows the android population within the universe of the StarStrikers and Tyrmia books.  In their quest for freedom from their human masters, sentient androids discover how impart self-awareness to other androids.  The story of the androids is woven tightly with the human story in a manner that is both intriguing and believable.

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You can buy McConnells work as printed, soft-cover books or in electronic format for your Kindle reader.

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The build continues, this time focusing on the engine intake areas. Lots of putty, and sanding occurred. Sometimes you go old school and just screw it together. Test fitting the engine nacelles and intakes to the fuselage. The inside area gets some detail attention. She even has a radiator! The engines glued on and some putty applied to even [...]

Triak Starfighter Build, Part 1 Friday September 23rd, 2016 08:59:12 PM KenMcConnell
            This design was originally named the Terror Diver and was first drawn by me in the late 1980’s. Below is the scrap of paper I doodled on that also included the Spieron starfighter. The above drawing was done by an artist on DeviantArt I can no longer recall his name. For this 1/32 scale design I [...]

K’nat Starfighter Build, Part 3 Thursday September 22nd, 2016 10:20:53 PM KenMcConnell
For the top deck detailing on the fighter I wanted a mixture of model parts and styrene. I ended up doing more styrene and less parts. Hopefully it looks good when I’m done. I know the model will be painted a matte black color, so texture will be important on this one. The canopy is frames [...]

K’nat Starfighter Build, Part 2 Thursday September 22nd, 2016 09:17:12 PM KenMcConnell
All the electronics are inside, tucked away and safe. Each LED gets a resister and the whole lot gets a slider switch that will be accessible behind hidden panels on the model’s bottom. The head lamps were installed in the nose and wired up through holes in the bulkhead. I tested all the lights and then glued the [...]

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SS Weippe Build, Part 3 Tuesday September 20th, 2016 04:16:43 PM KenMcConnell
Primer on and now she’s looking like a proper starship. After primer you can usually spot the places that need more attention. The base coat of gray was a bit darker than the Sokol for contrast in age. I wanted the Weippe to be older and worn down a bit so weathering should reflect this. I used mostly [...]

SS Weippe Build, Part 2 Tuesday September 20th, 2016 04:04:40 PM KenMcConnell
The top deck of the head was scored for panel lines using the Tamiya panel scoring tool. I really like that tool. More bridge details are added. The side details went on pretty fast. Again, keeping the style as similar to the Sokol as possible to show the lineage. You can see the Sokol model in [...]

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Putty, sanding, primer and repeat. This model has become a lesson on how to putty a model. Or perhaps how not to. I’ve purchased and used just about every kind of modeling putty made. I much prefer the water based putties mostly because they don’t stink nearly as badly. The first attempt is splotchy and rough. Sanding [...]

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