If you are in the market for some fresh science fiction, you might want to take a look at a new author named Ken McConnell and his space series.

Ken McConnell has created a new universe, set far in the future when the human race has expanded beyond earth and colonized numerous planets. Humans and their technology have progressed to a point where war has not been seen for nearly a millennium and androids have become sentient. Galactic war, with another space faring race of humanoid aliens has encroached on the human inhabited worlds and the humans must fight back, or be enslaved.

The style of these books is very fast paced and enjoyable. I found all of McConnell’s science fiction to be enjoyable reads which are technologically believable and rich in both plot and character development. For a new author, McConnell has clearly got a winner of a universe with a growing fan-base.

In comparison to Asimov, who, by many accounts is the greatest science fiction writer ever, I have found McConnells stories to be much more enjoyable to read, more fast paced and significantly more believable with much richer character development. From a technical perspective, the ideas presented in McConnells work are more grounded in the real physics rather than make believe, which results in a much more believable world.

New science fiction deserves a new platform for enjoyment.  I have read all of McConnells work on my Android phone via the Kindle app.  These were the first books that I ever read in digital e-book format and I found that the stories were so engaging that the reading platform was not even noticed.


This book is set far in the future, when humans and an alien race of blue-skinned humanoid aliens are locked in an interstellar battle of galactic proportions.  McConnell brings battle after battle to life as the story follows an elite team of special forces known as the StarStrikers.  From inter-ship battle to planetary defense this book puts you right in the heat of galactic warfare.


This book is set in the same universe as StarStrikers, but long after the galactic war has ended.  It follows the story of a young woman who crash lands on a planet called Tyrmia and must integrate with the native population in order to survive.  When she learns that a more sophisticated race of humanoids lives on the planet and is trying to exterminate the natives, she uses her advanced fighting skills to help protect the native population.

This is a longer book than StarStrikers, and very worth the read.  While it is set in the future, it has some elements of the steam-punk genre, which makes for an extremely enjoyable read.

Tales From Ocherva

This series of short stories follows the android population within the universe of the StarStrikers and Tyrmia books.  In their quest for freedom from their human masters, sentient androids discover how impart self-awareness to other androids.  The story of the androids is woven tightly with the human story in a manner that is both intriguing and believable.

Purchase StarStrikers, Tyrmia and Tales From Ocherva

You can buy McConnells work as printed, soft-cover books or in electronic format for your Kindle reader.

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Corvette 2 Update Monday October 2nd, 2017 01:42:47 AM KenMcConnell
Corvette 2 is in the hands of beta readers and hopefully, by the end of the week will be in final edits. At that time I’ll format the paperback and ebook. In the meantime, the models used for the cover are being photographed. Here are some shots from the first attempt by me to capture the Black Star and the Weippe. The above shots were taken with my phone while I waited fro the sun to clear clouds. Meanwhile, the shots I took during the clouds are probably more interesting to look at. Glad I have a few ...

Readers’ Favorites Thursday September 7th, 2017 05:22:51 PM KenMcConnell
   Last year my novella, Devon’s Blade received a Five Star review from Reader’s Favorite. This year my novella, Corvette, won Silver Award and received a Five Star review from Reader’s Favorite. Both of these stories are Military Sci-Fi and feature my style of realistic story telling coupled with characters that you want to root for. Both of them are also small stories that focus on a small portion of a larger conflict. Devon’s Blade is a classic air combat tale and Corvette is an ...

Indie Author Day Tuesday August 29th, 2017 05:09:02 PM KenMcConnell
I’ll be on a panel and doing a reading for Indie Author Day – October 14th a the Main Library in Boise. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Come and say Hi to me and all the other local Indie writers! Indie Author Day SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2017, 10AM – 4:30PM Location Main Library – Third Floor Room Marion Bingham Room Contact Name Lorie Contact Email lbroumand@cityofboise.org Library Branch Main Library Type of Event Book Sale, Books & Reading, Special Programs & Events ...

Book Series Issues Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 10:51:55 PM KenMcConnell
I’m having quite the time figuring out the branding of my Sci-Fi universe. For the past few years I’ve been calling it the Star Saga, which is accurate in that the whole series follows multiple generations spread out over a thousand years, but doesn’t make it easy for the reader to understand. So I’m reorganizing the books once again for clarity. This is part of branding my fiction and plays into how it gets advertised to readers. If the reader comes across one of my books I want her ...

Long Overdue Writing Update Sunday August 6th, 2017 04:35:47 PM KenMcConnell
WRITING STATUS Fans of the Corvette novella will be pleased to know that the first draft is complete and in the hands of a few select beta readers. A second draft or pass at the manuscript will occur after I get some comments from the betas. Then it’s off to the editor and copy editor and finally, it will get released. When will that last part happen, you ask? Probably in late October. In the meantime, I’ve already started writing book 3 and the final Corvette novella. If I finish it before winter ...

Library Reading This Saturday Friday July 21st, 2017 05:57:11 PM KenMcConnell
I’ll be one of the local writers featured this Saturday, the 22nd of July for the Writer’s Spotlight at the Meridian Library in Idaho. I’ll do a reading from K’nat Trap and take questions from the audience. Later on I’ll be at a table displaying my books and some of the models on their covers. Please come out and say hi to my fellow local authors and myself. Rick Just Devri Walls Hilarey Johnson Natalie Perry Michaelbrent Collings Peter Leavell Shannon Foy Ken McConnell Loni Townsend ...

K’nat Trap Release Day Tuesday July 18th, 2017 02:53:44 PM KenMcConnell

July is K’nat Month Friday July 7th, 2017 09:29:04 PM KenMcConnell
Looking for a quick, fun read this summer? Then get yourself a copy of K’nat Trap. It’s loaded with starfighter fights, carnivorous alien squids and Special Forces Pravda. How can you miss with all of that? So go and order yours today so it’s automagically on your Kindle or Kindle app on the 18th. If you can’t wait until then, order your paperback copy now and be reading it in just a few days shipping time. Here’s the cover blurbage: Starstrikers agents Kiloe and Tamia team up to ...

K’nat Trap Paperback Now Available Saturday July 1st, 2017 01:05:09 PM KenMcConnell
As you may have noticed by now, you can actually order the K’nat Trap paperback before the ebook launches on the 18th of July. But if you’d rather wait for the ebook, that’s fine too, just get your pre-0rder in so it will appear on your Kindle when is releases. If you’re like me you will forget about purchasing it and then bingo, there it is in your reader and you’ll be able to dig right in on it. Remember, K’nat Trap takes place in the second trilogy of the Star Saga, right ...

The Star Saga Universe, Circa 2017 Wednesday June 21st, 2017 08:12:34 PM KenMcConnell
The STAR SAGA Universe Italics = Novella    Grayed Out = Not Written and subject to change ARMON VANCE SERIES (30 Years Before STARFORGERS TRILOGY) Corvette Corvette – Seer of the Black Star Corvette – Pirate’s Lair Destroyer Destroyer – The Ostrov Octet Destroyer – Planetary Gambit STARFORGERS TRILOGY (10 Years After ARMON VANCE SERIES) Tales From Ocherva, Anthology Vol 1 Starforgers, Book 1 Devon’s Blade (A Star Saga Story) The Rising, Book 2 The Blood Empress (A Star Saga Story) Counterattack, ...

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