December, 2016

DIY Solar Hot Water Heater Article 4 – Mounting and Orienting the Panel

December 24, 2016 HenryRanch LLC Posts

Join us for the fourth article in the series where we mount the panel using a very simple, cost effective and adjustable approach.  It’s a quick read with some great ideas for mounting a panel:


DIY Solar Hot Water Heater Article 3: Building the Solar Panel

December 20, 2016 HenryRanch LLC Posts

Article 3 is finally here and we will be going over the solar panel build.  This project is starting to take shape with the first portion built, mounted and ready for action.  Join us as we go over the major build steps and present some ideas for building a solar hot water heating panel.


DIY Solar Hot Water Heater Article 2: Sizing a Solar Hot Water System

December 18, 2016 HenryRanch LLC Posts

In the second article in this series, we will be looking at some basic rules of thumb for sizing a solar hot water heating system.  Follow along as we decide to take a modular approach to system sizing and enjoy the benefits of a small system: low cost, fast build time and significant reduction in […]


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