Syndicate Press now supports lightbox popups in version 1.0.29

November 9, 2013 HenryRanch LLC Posts

Syndicate Press just got a great new feature!  Articles can now be opened in a lightbox popup so that your visitor never leaves your site, but can still read the full RSS article!  The lightbox feature is fully customizable via CSS and HTML.  Get the latest version of Syndicate Press today!  http://syndicatepress.henryranch.net


New tutorial on how to herd chickens back into their coop

July 6, 2013 HenryRanch LLC Posts

Henryranch.net has just posted a great new tutorial on how to herd chickens!  You thought it could never be done, but we show you how to herd 10, 20, 50, even 100 chickens!  Learn how to herd chickens here: http://henryranch.net/tutorials/how-to-herd-chickens-back-into-their-cage/


New review of the Baofeng Dual Band Ham Radio

June 27, 2013 HenryRanch LLC Posts

Wow!  Just got the new Baofeng Dual Band Ham Radio and am loving it!  Check out my new review here: http://henryranch.net/reviews/baofeng-uv5r-ham-radio-review/.


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